Advanced Concepts & Engineering

Revolutionizing the Way Quality Control Tests Are Conducted Within the Aggregate Industry

The ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory®

The ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory® is a fully self-contained and portable gradation lab designed to fully automate AASHTO T11 & T27 ASTM C117 & C136 aggregate testing.

ACE Advantage® Integrated Software Solution

The ACE Advantage® is a data management enterprise solution, SaaS, managing automatically uploaded data generated from the ACE Auto-Grade with multiple utilization modes ensuring accessibility to pertinent information 24 hours per day.

The ACE Auto-Grav Laboratory®

The ACE Auto-Grav Laboratory® is a portable, self-contained materials lab testing unit that conducts tests relative to densities and gravities.

Advanced Concepts & Engineering LLC, a company committed to developing state-of-the-art automated quality control and productivity tools to support the aggregate industry.


Advanced Concepts & Engineering differentiates itself by offering the only integrated, end-to-end automated portable solution in the aggregate industry.

About Advanced Concepts & Engineering (ACE)

ACE was founded to develop alternatives to the antiquated quality control practices currently in use throughout the aggregate industry. Having concentration on quality control in the paving sector of the aggregate industry for 20 years, Mr. Joel Costonis, Founder and President of the company, sought a way to overcome challenges associated with the existing conventional practices. Our mission is to become the recognized global leader in automated aggregate testing.

Shown to the left at a presentation held in Portland, ME (on April 8th, 2016); seated is Mr. Dave Duncan, VP Quality Control Pike Industries/OMG and standing is Mr. Joel Costonis, President Advanced Concepts & Engineering.

At Advanced Concepts & Engineering, LLC, we are committed to revolutionizing the way quality control tests are conducted within the aggregate industry with the introduction of the ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory. Incorporating our proprietary Total Integration, Total Automation Protocol (TITAP), the ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory provides gradation testing that is integrated through upgraded software and hardware to automate the testing process, including accelerated report production. Consequently, gradation testing is faster and easier to perform, and produces more traceable and accurate test data resulting in the reduction of both testing costs and risks associated with inaccurate tests.

Advanced Concepts & Engineering’s Auto-Grade Laboratory

If you’d like to learn more about Advanced Concepts & Engineering’s Auto-Grade Laboratory, please contact us to request a demo.

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