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About the ACE group

ACE was founded to provide an alternative to the current manual quality control processes of the aggregate industry. This alternative comes with the development and launch of fully portable, fully automated, intelligent testing laboratory equipment that is designed with both the user and end result in mind.

By automating each of the manual steps involved in the conventional testing protocols (as administered by AASHTO, ASTM, ACI etc) ACE integrates upgraded software and hardware to guide and manage the testing processes, including accelerated test reports produced in far less time than it takes to run a conventional test.

Having served as a quality control technician in the production sector of the aggregate industry for over 2 decades, Mr. Joel Costonis, Founder, Chairman and CEO of the group, sought a way to overcome challenges associated with the existing conventional practices. Through a process of trial and error, a lot of persistence and significant creativity, the ACE line of products was born.

Costonis continues R&D on a plethora of new products at all times.  ACE has successfully developed new products based on client requests.

ACE differentiates itself by offering equipment delivering the only single automated end to end testing solutions in the industry. At the technical level, the “competition” for the company is the existing manual system even with the costs and inefficiencies that are built into the current processes. In comparison, the ACE product line’s technology is years ahead of the existing practices.

ACE maintains many industry relations across the country.