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ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory® Training Program

The training program for the ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory® consists of three or more days of on-site classroom training, including hands-on equipment training and testing, leading to certification testing. Administrator Level Users will be required to take and pass additional certification tests.

To optimize the client’s expense, it is strongly recommended that the client company host group-training sessions. Should the client company desire the training be done off-site, arrangements will be made with costs of the training venue and support items added to the daily costs.

It is recommended that the Client Company designate no less than 1 Administrative Level User per branch location. It is strongly encouraged that there be no less than 3 Administrative Level Users in each company – or as is appropriate – to enhance the availability of a properly trained and certified in-house technician to effectively resolve issues in a timely manner.


Training Syllabus

  • Introduction to ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory®
    • Design Concept
    • Operation Principles
    • Total Integration, Total Automation Protocols
  • Proper Management of Pre and Post Test Data
    • User Accounts
    • Email Notification
    • Networking
    • ACE Advantage (if chosen)
    • Prepare, Manage and Utilize Reporting
  • Level 1 User Level
    • Walk Around
    • Test Procedure
    • Preventative Maintenance
  • Level 2 Administrative User Level
    • Effective training methods for additional users.
    • Set-Up/Transport Protocol
    • Operational Protocol
    • Preventative Maintenance
      • Trouble Shooting
      • Critical Parts
    • Differentiate User Levels
      • Administrative
      • User
      • Guest

If you are interested in the ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory® Training Program, please contact us to request more information.