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ACE Electromechanical Product Line Service Program

The service program for Advanced Concepts & Engineering’s electro-mechanical product line – like the products themselves – is based on “integrated automation.” The ACE electro-mechanical products are deployed with a built-in monitoring loop in the software code that operates the units. This code is employed to maintain live reporting to and from the unit, the user, and ACE Product Line Service headquarters.

Systems monitoring for ACE electro-mechanical products falls under ACE’s Total Integration, Total Automation Protocol (TIPTAP™ ) and is designed to essentially allow ACE to know there is an issue with a unit in real time, often prior the user being aware of the issue.

In the event that a unit experiences a malfunction in electronic or mechanical operations, or does not properly automatically “report back” to ACE, the unit is preloaded with instructions to copy data settings to file at the time of malfunction and to automatically send that file to ACE for immediate review and mitigation. The preloaded instruction code will also stop the present unit operation, prompting the user to call for service or providing instructions to rectify the situation, depending on the nature and severity of the issue. Should the unit require technical service, this will be accomplished either by remote access or site visit by trained ACE technicians.

Capitalizing on the fact that each unit is addressable via web based access our service technicians can log into the unit and remotely perform an initial assessment on the malfunction to determine the appropriate course of action that may be required.

Should it be determined that the unit requires a site visit by one of our trained service technicians, ACE commits to having a technician onsite within 36 hours of determination of the requirement. If it is determined that the required maintenance involve one of ACE’s proprietary sieves, ACE will have replacement sieves shipped same day. Due to the proprietary design of the sieves, initial delivery of each unit will include 2 sets of the finer sieves.

If you would like to learn more about ACE’s Electro-mechanical Product Line Service Program, please contact us to request more information or a demo.