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ACE – Leadership Group


Mr. Joel Costonis – Founder, Chairman and CEO of ACE Industry Holdings Company

Mr. Costonis brings over two decades of experience working in the aggregate industry with a core concentration on Quality Control. Recognizing the deficiencies in then-current aggregate material quality control and testing technologies, Mr. Costonis initiated development efforts to automate aggregate testing processes that culminated in 2005 when he filed his first Patent for processes, including hardware and software that are now upgraded and incorporated in the ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory . As the Company moved to launch the product, Mr. Costonis provides executive leadership throughout all aspects – to the ACE group in totality – of product development, production, sales, service, business development and human resource development.  Mr. Costonis is undoubtedly the face of the company, committed to meeting each client face to face.  Through his leadership, the company has exceeded all markers set forward bringing in some of the largest names in the industry.

Mr. Wendell Holmes J.D. – Contracts Administrator, ACE Industry Holdings Company  

Mr. Holmes, having significant experience in operations, technology sales and sales management, contract administration and contract management has become a pillar in the ACE group in totality.

His uncanny arrangement of under-graduate degree in computer science and earning his law degree from Tulane bring layers of protection and guidance to the group.

Always at the right hand of Costonis, Holmes – also serving on the Advisory Board – oversees all contractual engagements of all companies; assists in financial planning, operational flow and other requisite procedures.

Mr. Lance LaPlace – Vice President of Business Development, Director of ACE Operational Management Company

Mr. LaPlace, a degreed civil engineer, has his finger on the pulse of the “geotech” community.  LaPlace is tasked with the ever-growing demand for ACE’s products, developing and managing a national sales force with coming international sales management.  While running a virtual 24 hour a day work schedule, LaPlace also serves on ACE’s Advisory Board.

In the first 10 months LaPlace was part of the ACE family, he generated over $25MM in qualified leads.  His expertise in recognizing the needs of client companies make him a pivotal part of ACE’s success.

Mr. Jeremiah Pitts – Director of Production, Director of Advanced Concepts & Engineering, LLC.  

Mr. Pitts came to ACE originally as a vendor.  Having a detailed background in machining and prototyping, while displaying a constant level of attention to detail beyond what is typical in the industry, Mr. PItts – while maintaining his business Draco Machine – earned a permanent home within ACE.  Having been part of the team since early 2017, PItts has the unchallenged trust and respect of all those that work with him.

Being the MVP on the production side of the house, the role Pitts fills is complicated at a minimum.

Taking an idea from a discussion, to a rough sketch, then to a formal production CAD print, to a finished product certainly keeps him busy. Mr. Pitts, while producing his own work for ACE, also overseas all production vendors from Maine to Louisiana.


Mr. Bruce Bushey – Director of Automation, Director of ACE Data Services Co.  

Mr. Bushey has worked with Mr. Costonis for years, with a primary focus on the development of the proprietary software for the ACE product line. A seasoned electrical engineer, Mr. Bushey is an expert in test, measurement and data acquisition systems. Included in his professional resume, Mr. Bushey developed and implemented large-scale automated test systems for the U.S. Navy and designed, developed and integrated hardware and software for testing, measurement and data acquisition systems for United Technologies. Since joining ACE, Mr. Bushey created the proprietary code for the LabVIEW platform that guides and manages its entire testing and measurement processes for the ACE products. Mr. Bushey will oversee and manage all of the software development and electrical engineering of all ACE products as well as provide oversight of the training and customer service functions of the Company.

Ms. Natasha Harmon – National Sales Coordinator, ACE Operational Management Company  

Ms. Harmon came to ACE – also originally as a vendor – displaying an aptitude for sales management.  While new to the company in this capacity, Harmon’s primary task list is to manage client contacts, follow up contacts, and overall client data base allowing the entire team to know who’s on first and what’s on second.

Her dedication to supporting Costonis through the initial launch of the company in 2014 to present has been – and continues to be – irreplaceable.

Mr. Tom Goulette – Electrical Engineering, ACE Data Services Co.

Mr. Goulette, a former colleague of ACE’s Director of Automation Mr. Bruce Bushey, brings years of electrical engineering, power distribution and planning, as well as considerable time in the assembly and inspection of active electrical layouts.  Having a familiar space in the company, Tom will be ensuring that all electrical systems are operating as designed as well as trouble shooting.  His diligence and attention to detail ensure that the product that run through the department are a one-and-done process.

Mr. Martin Whittmore – Data Base Developer, ACE Data Services Co.  

Mr. Whittmore, as a University Professor and Data Base Developer has been part of the ace team since early 2017.  His position has him in what is likely the most overlooked, yet one of the most important positions in the group.  While ACE is in the business of generating data, without the proper channels to retain, manage and recall the same, ACE would not have the market position it does.

Having worked side by side with Costonis to develop certain products, Mr. Whittmore declared his importance through dedication and delivery through superior development, ease of use integrated with the software written by Mr. Bushey.

The level of excellence displayed in Whittmore’s approach and conveyance demand a  hard study of acknowledgement reinforcing the fact that his posture with ACE is of critical importance.

Through the life and developmental progression of any group or company, it is important to stop and acknowledge those that helped to achieve a mutual goal.

There are a number of people that have worked for ACE in the past that are no longer with the company.  All that have ever walked through the doors to ACE have brought value and impact.  Its that value and impact that must be acknowledged.

Beyond our sincere thanks to our shareholders, it would be wrong to not express thanks to those that helped us get to where we are today.