ACE – Leadership Group


Mr. Joel Costonis – President and Founder  

Mr. Costonis brings over two decades of experience working in the aggregate industry with a core concentration on Quality Control. Recognizing the deficiencies in then-current aggregate material quality control and testing technologies, Mr. Costonis initiated development efforts to automate aggregate testing processes that culminated in 2008 when he filed his first Patent for processes, including hardware and software that are now upgraded and incorporated in the ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory . As the Company moves to launch the product, Mr. Costonis will provide executive leadership throughout all aspects of product development, production, sales, service, business development and human resource development for Advanced Concepts & Engineering LLC.  Mr. Costonis is undoubtedly the face of the company, committed to meeting each client face to face.  Through his leadership, the company has exceeded all markers set forward bringing in some of the largest names in the industry as early adopters to the technology developed by Advanced Concepts & Engineering.

Mr. Bruce Bushey – Director of Automation  

Mr. Bushey has worked with Mr. Costonis over the last several years, with a primary focus on the development of the proprietary software for the ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory. A seasoned electrical engineer, Mr. Bushey is an expert in test, measurement and data acquisition systems. Included in his professional resume, Mr. Bushey developed and implemented large-scale automated test systems for the U.S. Navy and designed, developed and integrated hardware and software for testing, measurement and data acquisition systems for United Technologies. Since joining ACE, Mr. Bushey created the proprietary code for the LabVIEW platform that guides and manages its entire testing and measurement processes for the ACE Auto-Grade. Mr. Bushey will oversee and manage all of the technical modifications and upgrades of the ACE Auto-Grade Laboratory software platform as well as provide oversight of the training and customer service functions of the Company.

Mr. Don Neill – Investor, Adviser to the President

Mr. Don F. Neill is an early investor in Advanced Concepts & Engineering LLC through the Friends & Family investment round and currently serves as an adviser to Mr. J. Costonis on matters including marketing and business development. Mr. Neill is a retired senior executive having served as Vice President – International and Vice President Marketing for AlliedSignal Aerospace Company and Managing Director – International Sales and Marketing for Bendix Aerospace. Mr. Neill has served on the board of directors for numerous international aerospace and industry organizations including Normalair-Garrett Corporation in the UK, S.E.C.A.N. in France and the Arab-American Business Council. Mr. Neill provided consulting services in business development for KPMG and several technology-based companies. Mr. Neill is a candidate for nomination to the board of directors for Advanced Concepts & Engineering.

Mr. Michael Doyon – Chief Operating Officer 

Mr. Doyon brings thirty plus years in manufacturing to the ACE team.  Automation design and support, semiconductor engineering, and metals technology tenures; his focus has encompassed that of supply chain management, automation design, process enhancement, component testing, and production management.  A Licensed US Customs House Broker, Mr. Doyon looks forward to the global opportunities in ACE’s future.


Mr. Jonathan Sprague – Operations Manager

Mr. Sprague comes to the team as a long time member in mechanical applications.  John’s concentrated background delivers a tried and tested approach and understanding to the numerous integral challenges of the perfect marriage of action through a myriad of moving parts in relation to the intended goal of the act being performed.  John has been on the sidelines of Advanced Concepts & Engineering for three years prior to moving to his full time position as Operations Manager.  He interfaces with all aspects of the company; dealing with vendors, parts, logistics, assembly, testing, and trouble shooting. His dedication to the process is unforgiving in nature as he drives home the fact that the client is in the driver seat.

Mrs. Denise Johnson – Chief Financial Officer 


Mrs. Shelley Clapp – Executive Assistant 

Mr. Tom Goulette – Electrical Engineering

Mr. Goulette, a former colleague of ACE’s Director of Automation Mr. Bruce Bushey, brings years of electrical engineering, power distribution and planning, as well as considerable time in the assembly and inspection of active electrical layouts.  Having a familiar space in the company, Tom will be ensuring that all electrical systems are operating as designed as well as trouble shooting.  His diligence and attention to detail ensure that the product that run through the department are a one-and-done process.