ACE Slumper

When the Slump test is conducted, how sure of the results can we be?

Being conducted 1 time (or more) per 100 cubic yards, in a time sensitive pour, it is painfully obvious that the Slump Test process is not conducted with 100% duplicity as is required.

With a test that requires 25 (to 50) tamps per section with a penetration into the layer below of X, there are so many variables effecting the true outcome of the test;

Were there actually 25 tamps done per level?

Was the tamping penetration done in a repeatable pattern?

Did the tamp rod penetrate to the depth required?

Was the tamping speed appropriate and consistent across a group of tests?

Did the technician record a shear as a slump?

What is the value of knowing that every time you run a Slump test, it is conducted exactly as the specification requires?

What is the value of knowing that each time the tamp rod penetrates the test specimen, it is at the exact same velocity each time, reaching the same depth each time penetrating in a 100% repeatable pattern?

The scariest question to ask, what is the value of knowing a true slump v.s. a shear 100% of the time?


Why use the ACE Slumper and what are its advantages?

What you are looking at is a documentation and verification of what happens everyday all around the world. Is this what your people are doing when your not watching, or they think they need to save time, or when the inspector is away?

This is why ACE does what it does!

  • Repeatability with ACE Slumper 100%
  • Repeatability Standard Testing 56.21%
  • ACE Slumper Proper Slump Determination 100%
  • Standard Slump Determination 72.39%

Each time the ACE Slumper conducts a test, not only is the Slump determined, the unit will compute a calculated density that is re-callable and included on the report for production monitoring.

  • ACE Slumper Technician Time 31%
  • Standard Slump Technician Time 100%
  • ACE Slumper Efficiency Delivered 100%
  • Calculated Standard Efficiency 47%

The Slumper, powered by standard 120v service (50 cycle is available), is outfitted with lithium-ion batter technology allowing the unit to be used all day with no charge interruptions.

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