What are you really making? Is your concrete what it is supposed to be?

Lets assume that your staff can properly prepare a Slump Test according to the specification. Then is it fair to assume that they can conduct yield, unit measure, calculate air gravimetric or density and do they know all of the calculations?



When looking at the value of the data determined, it becomes painstakingly obvious that it is crucially important that the data be correctly calculated.

Adding the additional stresses of live loads, increasing scrutiny and exacting processes, the calculations become more ad more influenced by  distraction.

With the technology that exists today, the excuse for misstep, or miscalculation very quickly goes away yet results are falsely recorded every day.

One has to stop and take a look at the true impact of improper determinations in production;

  1. Not enough material
  2. Material is sub-standard
  3. Production re-runs and more