(Right to Left President Joel Costonis and Operations Manager Jonathan Sprague at lunch with ARMCA’s Rita madison and her better half Richard Madison)

Our President and Operations Manager hard at work on the beach in Florida this June.  They were able to reconnect with old friends and happily made some new ones.  ARMCA & CAAL, two of our industry membership associations, hosted a fantastic networking and presentation event where we were able to mix a little play into the loads of work any start up is familiar with.  Jonathan Sprague proved once again to be a real asset on this trip making inroads and building rapport with new connections that offer a real possibility for significant returns for ACE.  And of course Joel worked his magic as well, with his energy and passion for our product he is always able to get potential clients as excited as we are about our ACE Auto Grade Laboratory.  Good job guys, too bad all our business presentations can’t be on the beach with cocktail shrimp.