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ACE Advantage™ Integrated Software Solution

The ACE Advantage is a fully integrated quality control analysis tool that is automatically populated with raw data via live set upload from the ACE Auto-Grade and ACE Auto-Grav . The simple fact that the data is delivered by the same unit that generates said figures, brings the continuity of that same information to a level not seen before the ACE Advantage.

The functionality of the ACE Advantage allows users to see data real-time in a dashboard environment promoting quick visual reference as data metrics are indicated in a simple to recognize fashion; red if something is out of specification, to yellow and green indicator lights showing that all is well.
The effectiveness of using the ACE Advantage to run full analysis of the quality control statistics delivered by the ACE Auto-Grade and ACE Auto-Grav in a user friendly environment will promote the effective delivery of important metrics required.

Through the automatically uploaded information, beyond the dashboard presentation – after a sign in and verification of user level access – with a push of a button, the user can access comparison tools reporting against job, project, type, date, technician etc. comparing tests along a period of time, location or any number of measurable points.

Further analysis is granted through simple dashboard delivered Production Trend Analysis and test Measurement by virtue of Histograms, Semi-Log, Power 45, Run Charts, Calendarized, Multi-variable Charts using selected trigger points, Data Correlation, CUSUM Chart Analysis.

Having the data automatically uploaded, deliverable in with full customization format, or in pre-loaded state D.O.T. required reporting, gives the user the ability to increase their individual effectiveness to a level that will dramatically increase the client company’s efficiency saving valuable time and money in calculating and delivering the same data.